So I got engaged

2017-01-29 16:34:04 by Rilo15



I know I haven't been on here posting material like I'm supposed to in awhile but wait lemme explain. Parole and parents are a mf. I'm just now getting to the point where I'm actually back to writing and I just released an EP that you can peep at this link down here vv

If you don't want to click that, it's cool. I'm uploading all of the music plus the original beat to "Hello" later on today. Don't everybody get rowdy and shit. This one's for the fat nigga scalping tickets to all the shows outside the Verizon Center. He might as well be selling pussy.

I hate jail.

2013-10-01 22:34:08 by Rilo15

I should probably stop being the stereotypical Afro-American male and stay the fuck out of it, huh?

Anyways. I've started making beats (for real this time.) Mainly hip hop. I don't think I'm at the point to take commissions, but I'm broke so......I'm taking commissions.

Always On Time

Neither one of these beats are for sale, nor available. But like I said, I take commissions. If you like what you hear, hit my inbox and let's talk bidness. Not business. The word business implies that I'll be sober throughout. On a more serious note, my homie 'Ski made me a nice graphic for following him @FYAmusement. Till then, homies. Peace.

I hate jail.

Lemme tell you 'bout n***as

2013-08-12 19:37:34 by Rilo15

N***as will make plans, say fuck those plans, and go make some more plans. I can't stand n***as. That's why we're going to be one short in the skwawd.

Anyways. 1 song. 1 loop. I'm sorry it took so long. I spent half of the time between this and my last post with my hands around the neck of an asshole. Say word. Pretty notebook doodles forthwith!

Lemme tell you 'bout n***as

And....we're back. (Sort of)

2013-07-25 11:39:09 by Rilo15

Probation. Is. A. Bitch.

8 Days confinement in county for failing a UA.

Oh well. My producer ain't locked up anymore. (Thank God) But he had to sell his monitors and his mic for the bail money. (Fuck Satan).

On a lighter note, I'm going to upload a couple new songs from the SKWAWD. Teq, if you're reading this, my bad bro. I got knocked off my feet, but as soon as I figure out a way to get this verse recorded.......whew.....;)


2013-07-13 18:05:45 by Rilo15


OR. You could click them individually. See? I'm all about convenience (I'm lying).

Keep It Zeal
Bowtie Slim

I'm hurting.

2013-07-13 16:09:14 by Rilo15

My producer is in jail and one of my emcees (who also happens to be my ride everywhere) is in Cali for 2 weeks. Fuck. Anyways, 3 new songs coming to you guys tonight. Lovely.

New Song

2013-07-08 15:35:33 by Rilo15

Check it out.

On some, "it took me forever to fill out that information!" type shit.

Also. I'm making shoddy artwork on MS Paint now. It's not worthy of the Art Portal. Yeah.

just doin me right now

2010-07-28 16:55:27 by Rilo15

even tho ppl ridin me hard about wat i post on flash videos im not even on it. lol how u gonna judge me and wat i do based off 2 sentences? somehow that's mature now? w.e folk do wat u got to and imma do me


2010-03-13 16:00:31 by Rilo15

I SMOKED SO MUCH WEED!!! IT WAS LIKE 4 BLUNTS WORTH I WAS SOOO HIGH..........but i want to do it again and i used all my money =( damn